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Mediterranean Fan Palms are ideal for use where a degree of tropical diversity is sought. Med palms are cold tolerant to at least zone 8A and are available as single trunked specimens or in a variety of incredibly beautiful multi stemmed specimens. Smaller Med's are terrific for use as an accent on site and mature specimens are individually unique masterpieces that will anchor the landscape while instilling a "one of a kind" perspective on site.


VIVIDPALMS stocks mature and individually unique specimen Med palms in sizes up to 18' with 10-15 stems. We also have thousands of younger Med's under production at our farms in Houston Texas. Cold tolerant, beautiful and often totally unique; this palm is stunning to behold and is a safe landscape investment.


Environmental Behavior


Cold Tolerance
Zones 8-11


Drought Tolerance


Salt Tolerance


Light Requirements
High, med


Soil Requirements
Widely adaptable


Nutritional Requirements


Identifying Characteristics
Green, blue-green, or silvery green canopies of 15-30 leaves. Mediterranean Fan Palms are slow growing, typical height of 10 feet. Trunks approximately 1 foot in diameter.

Selection and Availability

VIVIDPALMS stocks Mediterranean (European) Fan Palms at our New Orleans location. We invite you to come by one of our facilities for a cup of coffee and a walk through the palms.

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